JPL Global Pvt. Ltd, the import – export firm operating from the state of Goa, India provides a bouquet of intermediary services to introduce international buyers and sellers to the ever expanding pharmaceuticals industry from India as well as UK, EU and USA.
The professional services rendered under the aegis of an accomplished & British qualified pharmacist, Mr. J.C. Patel, will be mostly beneficial for B2B (Business to Business) segment of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India as well as Europe.

Our Services:
  • JPL Global Ltd provides expert assistance to Pharmaceutical companies based in India who need export oriented solutions.
  • JPL Global Ltd acts as an International Business Generator. We introduce to you, new vistas of opportunities for growth in the Global market.
  • Our vast experience in International Pharmaceutical trade covers all the areas of Manufacturing, Retail, and Wholesale & Distribution of Pharmacy products will be beneficial to local companies to get a global foothold.
  • We help any new pharmaceutical company desiring to import or to export any pharmaceutical products.
  • JPL Global Ltd can import specialty medicine, which is not available in India on patient name basis. We procure from authorized company Distributors from UK USA and EU countries.
  • We can supply specialty medicines not available in India to Hospitals/Institutions in India. We can import specialty medicines on demand from Hospitals.
  • With JPL Global Ltd your Pharmaceutical requirements can be organized by us whether it is an order for single product or a consignment. We source pack and deliver to you anywhere in the World. We can consolidate your requirement and supply you everything in one shipment.
  • JPL Global Ltd can identify right manufacturer in India for you to have your range of products under your brand name.
  • If you are a manufacturer in your country let JPL Global quote you for API (Approved Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and any other raw material you need. JPL global can be one stop supplier.
  • Our UK associates VGA Pharma Ltd. based in London is a newly formed company. VGA Pharma can cater for all your requirements in the International market when products are not available in India or client only requires products from Europe.

Our UK Assosiate

VGA Pharma Ltd UK

Our International Business Consultant

Mr J C Patel
B.Pharm (Lon)
MRPharmS F.Inst.D(UK)

Our Manufacturing Consultants

Phone: 8380037161